What (works)
56 Day Personal Case Study
Minimum: 32 Aerobic Sessions
Minimum: 960 Aerobic Minutes
32 x 6 minutes Spinal Strength Sessions
168 Meals practicing BP56 Key Nutrition Principles
56 Pre-Sleep employing BP56 Recovery Principles
Why (do it)
Finishing results (Test & Q Score) will make the practice obvious,
Heighten your wellness awareness, forever,
Motivate long term best health habits,
Consolidate belief in the 'right' way, for you,
Prove 8-Week finishing line tangible results,
BP56 is simple to follow, practical & flexible.
How (it's done)
Understand the key principles for 'why',
Diarise your weeks, prioritising your Case Study,
Old school 'manual' acknowledgement of completion,
TEXT your weekly compliance to Coach BP,

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BP56 Action Plan
Choice One
1. Print the BP Proven Plan (see Printable Plans).
2. Know, appreciate, or calculate your AZ (Aerobic Zone).
3. Check out the Spinal Strength Sets (video below).
4. Start & manually mark off your compliance.

Choice One Overview
4/7 action sessions holding your BP56 AZ.
Mon, Weds, Fri = 35 minute sessions.
Sat or Sun = 60-90 minute sessions.
Ideally, practice weight-bearing walking or running.
The aerobic componant is rhythmic & continuous.
Practice the (six minute) Strength Set after aerobics.

Choice Two
1. Print the BP56 'Your Plan' (see Printable Plans).
2. Manually diarise your proposed training week.
Note - you can train 'policing' your AZ, only' as much as you like, e.g. daily, 60+ minutes.
2. Know, appreciate, or calculate your ideal BP56 AZ.
3. Check out the Spinal Strength Sets (video below).
4. Start & manually mark off your compliance.

A quick word on the
walk/run method
Motivation & Compliance
'Text' your 'weekly' commitment to BP.
Ph: 0412 487 034,
eg. TR,4,120,4
eg; TR (your initials), 4 (# of sessions), 120 (total minutes in AZ), 4 (strength sessions completed)

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Know your AZ (Aerobic Zone)
Option One - Perceived Rate of Exertion

About 60-75% of your maximal sustained effort.
You can still talk. it should be 'easy'.
There is little muscular sting.
No body part hurts.
Your body temperature is moderated.
You shouldn't need loads of water.
On finishing you could keep going.

Option Two - Lifestyle Analysis Method (LAM)
and you'll need a Heart Rate Monitor

What you need: An honest sense of your lifestyle & current health.

Purpose: Determine your Aerobic (training) Zone represented in Heart Rate Beats per Minute.

LAM - Calculating your AZ

a) 183 minus your Age = (This is your Heart Rate in Beats per Minute)

b) If you've suffered major illness within the last five years; minus 6 =

c) You've been largely sedentary over the past two years; minus 3 =

d) You have suffered more than one cold & flu over the past 12 months; minus 2 =

e) You are challenged regularly with muscle or joint inflammatory conditions; minus 3 =

f) You know you're currently challenged with lifestyle stress; minus 3 =

g) You've been largely healthy for two years; add 7 =

h) You've exercised regularly for three years; add 3 = (This number, your HR, is your AZ ceiling)

Your AZ
Deduct 10 beats from your AZ ceiling, (e.g. 134 - 10 = 124).
Pick up your effort to sit in this HR Zone, (e.g 124-134).
Stay within this intensity for the entire session.
Push yourself as hard or fast as you can within this Zone, always.
You'll likely be forced into slowing your effort/pace on ascents, on hotter days, into the wind, or if you get carried away with a song.

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BP56 Fuelling Principles
What (works)
Planning most of your meals.
Shopping accordingly.
The more self pre-pared meals the better.
Work towards reducing meal portion size.
Foods satisfying hunger longest are best.
Typically, including a little 'good' clean fat is best.
Why (do it)
Drive your fat-burning energy source,
Desensitize your insulin response,
Stabilise (reduce) your hunger reflex.
Avoid over-eating.
Balance ideal gut health composition.

How (it's done)
Forward menu planning is best.
Prepare the appropriate and adequate volume, only,
Choose whole, real, fresh foods, always.
Avoid foods promoted with a mascot.
Avoid food pitching it's value.
Ideally, choose from the 'simple' menu provided.

A final word on food
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BP56 Recovery Practice
What (works)
'Sleeping' routine is KING,
Following the checklist, for 56 nights,
Follow the checklist.
Why (do it)
Nutritious sleep drives fat-burning efficiency,
Reduces inflammation,
Drives an ideal mental state.

How (it's done)
Print the checklist,
Follow the checklist,
Believe in the checklist.

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