The Walk/Run Practice
What: Progressively increasing running intervals with 'brisk' walking.

Why: Avoid all injury, build fitness and wellness, drive enjoyment.

How: Practice the right running technique, police intensity, answer weekly questions.

The Key: Following the plan.
The right 'running' technique.

1. Tall
2. Short
3. Low
4. Soft
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Policing your 'Max' Effort
Never push harder than your 'easy' effort.

Calculate your 'easy' effort.

You'll naturally move faster at your easy effort.

Your 'Easy' Effort

Your effort zone for ALL sessions.
About 60-75% of your perceived max effort.
Around 125-145 heart rate beats per minute.
'Your' conversational all-day perfect form pace.

What WILL happen when exceeding 'your' easy effort.

Injury: Likely; Achilles, Shin, Knee, Lower back.
Illness: Upper Respiratory, Chronic Fatigue.
Suppressed Motivation: Game over.
a) 183 minus your Age = (This is your Heart Rate in Beats per Minute)

b) If you've suffered major illness within the last five years; minus 6 =

c) You've been largely sedentary over the past two years; minus 3 =

d) You have suffered more than one cold & flu over the past 12 months; minus 2 =

e) You are challenged regularly with muscle or joint inflammatory conditions; minus 3 =

f) You acknowledge challenging lifestyle Mental & emotional) stress; minus 3 =

g) You've been largely healthy for two years; add 5 =

h) You've exercised regularly for three years; add 3 = your hardest effort.

Your best Zone: 10 beats lower than the number above up to this number Eg. 122-132bpm.
Calculating your max effort.
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The 'Four' Weekly Questions
1. Are you injured?

2. Are you sick?

3. Do you feel flat, fatigued, or disinterested?

4. Are you sleeping poorly?
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Your 8-Week Plan
Weeks 1-4
Weeks 5-8
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