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3 Hydration Tests

1. Body Weight - biofeedback scales.
2. Urine Analysis - test strips.
3. Pinch Test.

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1. Body Weight
1. Weight yourself before bed - a better time to assess fat loss.

2. Weigh yourself on rising - you can expect a loss of 1.5%.

3. If you weigh (after 10am) less than your bed time weight, but more than a 1 kg, you're dehydrated.
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2. Urine Colour
1) Test strips define urine colour and it's relationship with hydration status.

2) Ideally, a faint yellow colour suggests adequate hydration.

3) Some food, e.g. vitmains (c) can distort readings.
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3. Pinch Test
1) Pinch the skin on the back of your hand.

2) If it bounces back quickly, you're likely well hydrated.

* Wrinkly dry skin is also another common sign of possible dehydration.
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